The inspiration for Cancer Kicks was really drawn from two places:

1) I was getting inquiries from friends, family, and colleagues as to how they could help Travis Roberts and his family pay for treatment and day to day expenses, and
2) Travis Roberts heard the statistic that 40% of cancer patients are forced to file for bankruptcy, because of the high cost associated with fighting cancer.

While I and the people around me were concerned immediately with Travis, he was concerned with the others affected by cancer.

Travis and I discussed this and realized we inevitably wanted the same things. Travis wanted Cholangiocarcinoma and other rare cancers to receive research dollars, and we both wanted to financially help people who were burdened with a fight with cancer.

We started building the groundwork for Cancer Kicks with Travis, before he was too sick to focus on anything except his fight. When Travis passed away, the resolve to make Cancer Kicks a thriving entity was reignited, in the hearts of the board members.

Our mission is to finance research for rare cancers, particularly Cholangiocarcinoma, and help folks that are dealing with the struggles of financing a cancer battle. Our request is that you join us in fighting on these two fronts – financing research and helping people.

In the end, the work we do for others is more important than anything we do for ourselves, so please consider Cancer Kicks and our mission, as a viable and worthy option for your charitable dollars.

Thank you,

Joe Pettit