Cancer Kicks Board of Directors

Joe Pettit, President

Joe Pettit is the president of Cancer Kicks. Joe was Travis Robert’s brother in law, and knew him for over 20 years. They especially grew close, after Joe was hired as the first office employee of Hemma Concrete, the company that Travis started in 2002. Joe is committed to building Cancer Kicks into an organization that will properly represent Travis Robert’s personality, standard of excellence and desire to help people suffering with cancer.

Carrie Roberts, Secretary

Carrie Roberts is the secretary of Cancer Kicks. Carrie met Travis when she was a freshman in high school. She actually asked him to a Sadie Hawkins dance, and he agreed to be her date. They stayed together through high school and college and were married in 2000. They started Hemma Concrete in 2002, and had three children together. She is continuing his legacy by making sure Cancer Kicks contributes to the cure of Cholangiocarcinoma, and helps cancer patients who are in need of financial assistance.

Kristina Gansser, Treasurer

Kristina Gansser is the Treasurer for Cancer Kicks. Kristina and Travis became friends when they realized there wasn’t a topic they couldn’t debate. Kristina chronicled Travis Robert’s journey, on the blog. She intimately knows the details of his life, and his passion for helping people. It is her goal to carry his legacy, by raising awareness to his story and the Cancer Kicks organization.

Matt Gansser, Board Member

Matt Gansser is on the Board of Directors at Cancer Kicks. From the moment Travis and Matt met in a class at Georgia State, they were fast friends. Matt is an international businessman, with organizational experience to keep Cancer Kicks on course as the reach of the entity grows. He wants people to know about Travis Robert’s journey, in hopes that it will inspire them to make a difference in the life of cancer patients.

Jason Mashburn, Board Member

Jason Mashburn knew Travis Roberts longer than anyone on the board. Jason and Travis met as kids, and remained the best of friends, even as Jason moved away from Georgia chasing his career. Jason has amassed a wealth of knowledge dealing with non-profits, and a great deal of experience fundraising for both political and philanthropic causes.

Shane O’Connor, Board Member

Shane O’Connor is a member of the Board at Cancer Kicks and is General Counsel to Hemma Concrete, Inc., the company founded by Travis and Carrie. Shane provides legal counsel to Cancer Kicks. Travis and Shane’s paths crossed at a pivotal time in their professional lives and they became close friends often debating and, in their minds, resolving “all of the world’s problems” on the golf course or over a game of corn hole. Trav’s passion and competitive drive in all that he did was infectious and is what drew Shane to Travis. Shane’s goal is to help carry on Trav’s legacy and his commitment to cancer research and helping cancer patients who are in need.