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How do you define it?

If you google the word “legacy” the definition that displays indicates that it is about the amount of money and property left behind after someone dies.

But many of us realize that a true legacy is so much more than that.

As I sat in on a Hemma meeting two weeks ago I witnessed, firsthand, the stark contrast between the two types of legacies one can leave behind.

Hemma Concrete is the company Travis and Carrie started thirteen years ago. We have told the story, many times, of how they started the company with a couple hundred dollars and an iron will to succeed. And as I sat in on that meeting, I couldn’t help but smile at what those couple of hundred of dollars and determination had turned into. Hemma did $38 million dollars of revenue last year.

They are projecting $50M this year.

As far as Google is concerned. Trav succeeded in leaving a legacy.

But, as impressive as the revenue figures were, that wasn’t what struck me the most in that meeting.

It’s been ten months since Travis died. People have moved on. Lives have continued. Travis has faded into nothing more than memories and the centerpiece of stories.

Or has he?

Trav’s legacy is so much more than revenue and profits. The purpose of that meeting was not just to discuss profits and revenues but a way to honor their founder…their friend by way of a golf tournament. It says a lot about Travis’ partners to take on such an event to honor their founder. Planning a golf tournament is not an easy task. More so though, I was amazed at how many employees were eager to pitch in, volunteer, provide suggestions, and do what they could to drum up sponsorships and participants. I was inspired by the love for a boss who was simply taken to soon.

That is Trav’s real legacy.

On June 1, the first annual Travis Roberts Memorial Golf Tournament will be held at Indian Hills Golf Course in Marietta, GA. Proceeds from this tournament will fund CancerKicks, the non-profit organization set up by Travis to fund research for rare cancers like Cholangiocarcinoma and to financially assist families ravaged by cancer.

We invite you to honor Travis on June 1. Regardless of whether you were a close friend of Travis’ or simply followed his story on this blog.

You can honor Travis.

We have multiple levels of participation from sponsoring the event to making a one time donation and everything in between.

There are options for you, or your company, to sponsor the event, a single hole and more.

For anyone who loves golf, or knows someone who loves to golf, we invite you to join us to play 18 holes in Trav’s honor. You can sign up as an individual golfer or an entire foursome.

If golf is simply not your thing, but you want to honor Travis, there are multiple donation levels for the non golfer as well. Additionally, you can register to join us for the luncheon after the tournament.

Please note that all registrations, payments, and donations must be processed online through the Travis Roberts Memorial Golf Tournament website.

One of Travis’ biggest fears was that he would be forgotten. At the time, we all thought it ludicrous for Trav to think such a thing. After all, he was larger than life. The life of the party.

But Travis had a different perspective. He knew this life was temporary and our time here has little impact.

Unless, of course, you leave behind…

a legacy.