Time is a funny thing.  It has the ability to give you completely opposite feelings…at the same time.  As the old saying goes, “the days crawl but the years fly”.

Today is Travis’ birthday.  He should have been 41.

Three years ago today he didn’t even know what he had.  Just that something was wrong.

Three years.

And yet it seems like a lifetime ago.

Three years ago today there was an intimate party at our house to celebrate his 38th birthday.  The biopsies had been done.  The blood had been drawn.  The tests were being run.  We were just waiting for a diagnosis.

Once again…time was playing tricks on us.  Those days felt like years.

At this party, Travis turned to me and said “Think I’ll make it to see 40?” Without hesitation I replied, “without a doubt.”

I was wrong.

Time was not kind to Travis.  But it has been beyond gracious to his legacy.

As you are probably aware, before his death, Travis founded Cancer Kicks.  He wanted to leave a legacy of finding cures for rare cancers, who’s research is desperately underfunded, as well as financially assist those who are not only being physically ravaged by cancer…but financially also.

In the one short year following his death Cancer Kicks collected more than $100,000.

One year.

With this money we were able to help a family stay in their home through the holidays as well as co-sponsor a promising new immunotherapy trial for Cholangiocarcinoma at MD Anderson.

This was all made possible because of individuals who simply wanted to honor Travis’ legacy.

But our work is far from over and support is still needed.  The Second Annual Travis Lee Roberts Memorial Golf Tournament, to honor Travis and raise more money for the causes he championed, is on June 6th and we want you to participate in one of the many ways possible. We would love for you to join us that day for a round of golf.  However, if you can’t be there, you can still make a difference by helping sponsor the tournament or by simply making a donation.  For more information on any of these options, please visit our golf tournament website at www.TLRGolfTournament.com.  It’s the best birthday present you could give Travis.

Because even though time was not fair to Travis, we have the ability to control its impact on his legacy.

Happy Birthday Trav…

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