In April of 2013, my husband, my best friend, and the daddy of my three children was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma. Cholangiocarcinoma is a rare cancer that only affects a few thousand Americans every year. It hit our house and it hit with a vengeance. Our lives, our new normal, was focused on fighting this cancer and still trying to live a full life.

Travis was a fighter from birth so the role fit him well. Although the cancer shook our family like nothing had before what I can say I am the most proud of my late husband for is that during his 14 month fight he did not only focus on himself. He went to work caring and sharing for and with others. He had a heart for people that he may have walked by without even noticing in the past. He talked to people who he may never have before, and he really cared about them and what they were going through. His compassion for others was astounding.

Travis took his spirit of fighting and his new compassion for others who were suffering with terminal illness, and turned it into action. With the help of a few of his closest friends and family he started the organization Cancer Kicks. Cancer Kicks has two goals: 1) To fund research for rare cancers, and 2) to financially support families who are affected by these terrible diseases.

I lost Trav on June 7, 2014. I held his face and told him that it was okay to go. I told him that he had fought as hard as he could. Travis cannot fight any longer, but those of us who loved Travis feel a passion to take up his cause and fight. We do not want others to suffer from these ugly diseases.

Travis and I were able to develop amazing relationships with some incredible doctors around the country who have a passion for the cause. I am excited about the partnerships that we are able to develop because of these relationships.

Thank you to everyone who has cared about our family and who have supported us. Please consider supporting Cancer Kicks as a way to carry on the cause of Travis Lee Roberts Jr.

Through it all, God is Good!